The Play

From left to right: Eugene Cordell, Stefanie Warner, Davis Wyn, Edina Sabo, Meme Vasser, Dara Kenealy, Joshua Polizzi, Michael Heiman.

Nocturnal Notes was the second collaboration of Stefanie Warner and Eugene Cordell as Playwrights and Producers. The project began at the winter of 2006, right after finishing a Playwriting Class by Nick Zagone, at the Pasadena Community College. The two writers embraced the formula of the 10 Page Play format, and exercised the dissecting nature of the format backwards.

At the time, Stef and Eugene were just accepting their twenty-something years as a force of change. Stef was transferring to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online, from PCC, while Eugene attended With the two taking online college courses at the time, they wanted to put their defined knowledge in Playwriting to the test. Nocturnal Notes was finished in two months: cutting 2-4 scenes out, and rewrote the character of Walter Lance, after meeting the actor Joshua Polizzi during auditions. StarGazerZ Productions was a DBA, residing at an office suite in Pasadena, between Madison Avenue and Walnut Street.

Though the intent was to merely produce one Play for the sake of the art, the demand was never anticipated to exceed its production. After five years, since the Play’s premiere, the original audience have asked us to reproduce Nocturnal Notes again. Unable to regain the elaborate set design and support, Stef and Eugene have placed the Script aside, hidden in their personal collection of Scripts and yet to be announced works.


Nocturnal Notes was pantomimed half the time, during the Play, with voice overs, giving each character a picturesque scene to evoke the change in mood, between the lights and sound, and the mystery of Eve’s condition.

Nocturnal Notes was produced February of 2007, at the Secret Rose Theatre, NoHo Arts District, CA; starring Davis Wyn, Dada Kenealy, Joshua Polizzi, MeMe Vasser, Micheal Heiman, and Edina Sabo. Written and Produced by Stefanie Warner and Eugene Cordell, through StarGazerZ Productions DBA.

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