June 24 – 5AM

I can’t sleep. I went for a walk. I can’t stop thinking, doubting. Stupid stupid stupid. Art, you are so stupid. Girls aren’t into stalkers, and if they are, they’re attention-whores. And that’s nothing like what you’d imagine this girl to be, is it? I don’t think so. I’m thinking that she’s better than that, much better. I think she’s a saint. I think she can hold her own. She can date other men, if she wanted to. Much like how you’ve waited for so long to call her back. How long do you give girls time to think, before you can call them back anyway? I never thought about that before…I wonder if my friends know?

I’m hungry. I worried what I have in the fridge. The last $30 I spent was for supplies. I really should wait until I go out. I don’t ever spend time at home in the afternoon. Too lonely… I’m so lonely… I need to get it together. I have a Grant to prepare for!


Thee Arte


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