June 22- Mind Tricks

About half way through the week I was starting to feel like what happened in the Shakespeare Garden wasn’t real. Embarrassment doesn’t really follow you when the reminders have disappeared. For all that I knew, it might have been a mix of stress and the heat. I must have made up some guy to cheer me up, should’ve known that artsy weird guys were my taste. Figures…

Besides I have more important things to worry about. After graduating college a few months ago I’m on the hunt for a job. I can’t just wait for a publisher to call me with great interest; considering I haven’t exactly finished written something other than a few short story assignments… An AA in English is sure to get me somewhere (right?), but as for immediate cash I need to find a part time. Everyone suggests that I work at a restaurant as a waitress or a host, but the reality is that this is L.A. and anyone in that industry has to know someone in that industry… Perhaps the cubicle job is calling my name… Not too many places are looking for AA degrees but BA’s, I wish someone would have told me sooner. I refuse to go back for my Bachelor’s until I get some sort of income so I’m not a leech entirely off of student loans.

My volunteer contract at the Huntington expired. I wasn’t as emotional as I thought I would be, after the imaginary arty boy situation, I felt like I was there a little too long for my mind’s own good. I have told no one about this except you journal. Instead of losing my mind I thought I should make it work for me and write about it.

Here’s a taped copy of what I got:

It’s a bit post-modern for me; but my inspiration has fallen in a dry spot lately. I’m taking it to the writing group tomorrow evening and reading it at our meet in Borders. I’m so sick and tired of having nothing to read! It’s not my best piece but it’s better than nothing. Something needs to cheer me up, and it better not be another figment of imagination. A little change of style never hurt any writer… except Dickinson…

Ugh, I won’t touch that. I won’t be here for long. Baby steps right?

First Date> Writer meetup> Part-time Job > Writing>Novels > Publishing!

I can do this!


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